Prairie Wind Stables, Equine Art by Corinne Senko
Prairie Wind Stables, Equine Art by Corinne Senko
Policies & Prices
Prairie Wind Stables, Equine Art by Corinne Senko

Thank you for visiting my website!

I will be offering a few 'open market' pieces from time to time. I have some great one of a kind plastic models, as well as some popular artist resins. If you would like advance notice up upcoming sales, I invite you to join my Yahoo Group. It is a very low volume group that I intend to use only for advance sales notices and 'members only' contests and offers. Yahoo Group

I also store pictures in some Webshots albums.

If you are interested in a commission from me, please continue to read through the policies and prices.

Update November 2011 - Commissions - CLOSED TO NEW ORDERS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

It takes me approximately 2 -3 months to complete a traditional sized model. It could also be 2 - 4 months before I can start a new project. Please inquire for availability and current wait time.

I paint most colors using a combination of Acrylics applied by airbrush along with pastels and colored pencils. Dapple Greys and some appaloosa patterns do not see an airbrush. Start to finish is done by various hand techniques.

Prices List For Prairie Wind Stables Services:
Solid Colors - Bay, Chestnut, Buckskin, Dun, Grulla, Palomino, Black, Brown (white on legs and face included)

Large Traditional - $185.00 Dapples add $45 (Lohengrin, Equss Maximus, etc - not many resins fall in this size range)
Traditional - $165.00 Dapples add $35
Classic - $120.00 Dapples add $25
Stablemate/Littlebit - $85.00 Dapples add $20

Pinto markings are specific to each project, but start around $40 for minimal on a Traditional model.
Dapple Grey and some Appaloosa patterns are done entirely by hand and therefore are much more time consuming than other colors. Prices for these are :
Large Traditional - $260.00
Traditional - $225.00
Classic - $190.00
Stablemate/Littlebit $150.00

Prepping - these prices apply to standard/smooth casting only! Rough castings such as some Eberls are priced case to case, and could be as much as double!
Large Traditional $60
Traditional $45
Classic $25
Stablemate/Littlebit $17

I have many resin and plastic bodies available as commission opportunities - please ask if you are looking for something specific - I just might have it!

I accept all forms of Paypal as well as Postal, Bank and Western Union Money Orders. Time payments accepted.

I will consider trades for certain resins and plastic bodies. Please inquire for a current list of what I am looking for.

Prairie Wind Stables, Equine Art by Corinne Senko

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